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Den Helder - Harlingen

Distance: 73.9 km

Situated on a cape, the city of Den Helder owes a lot to its strategic location. Den Helder has been serving as a home base for the Royal Netherlands Navy since the early nineteenth century. After crossing the Amstelmeer you cycle through a remarkable part of the Netherlands. Until 1930 Wieringen was a Wadden Island, but as a result of the reclamation of the Wieringermeer it has become part of the mainland. At Den Oever you come face to face with the longest causeway in the Netherlands. Across a length of 32 kilometres, the water is split into two here. The Wadden Sea is on your left and the IJsselmeer (former Zuiderzee) on your right. Before the construction of the dyke, the Zuiderzee was also part of the Wadden Sea region. You have now entered the province of Friesland and there’s about 15 km to go before you’ll reach Harlingen.


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