Cycle guide LF Kustroute

What are you looking for when you go cycling? Most of all a beautiful route. Preferably with a good map. And practical information for on the road. That’s what this LF cycle guide will offer you.

Cycling along the Dutch coast is an experience in itself already. If you know more about the stories surrounding this majestic coast, though, it will add just that little extra. 

This compact cycling guide takes you by the hand and describes a 610 km long route from the border at Cadzand-Bad until Bad Nieuweschans. De guide contains double-sided maps and a compact guide with inspiration, sights and information about the LF Kustroute.

In short:

  • three double-sided bike maps, scale 1:100,000
  • including the locations of bike-friendly ‘Fietsers Welkom!’ establishments
  • 32 pages of inspiration, sightseeing tips and facts about the LF Kustroute
  • ISBN 978-90-72930-67-5
  • € 16.95 

TIP: the free LF app is a handy addition to this guide. It includes up-to-date ferry schedules, for instance. 

You can order the guide here