Follow the signs

The signposting of an LF route is simple and clear: the entire LF Kustroute is marked in both directions with signs that say ‘LF Kustroute’. This means that we can keep the instructions extremely short: “follow the signs”.

Do pay attention where you’re heading, though, because the route is signposted in both directions. The direction that you’re following is indicated on the bottom edge of the signs: Cadzand-Bad - Bad Nieuweschans, or Bad Nieuweschans - Cadzand-Bad. You can recognise the International North Sea Cycle Route, EuroVelo 12, by the extra logo. The LF Kustroute forms the Dutch part.

The signs will show you the way. However, we always recommend that you take an up-to-date map with you for orientation. The LF Kustroute cycle guide offers useful maps. And you can read the story about the route.

To add to your convenience, we offer the LF route app. The map in the app shows you where you are, even if you’re offline. In addition, the app offers information and tips about attractions and accommodation in the vicinity of the route. By the way, establishments with the Fietsers Welkom! label can also be found on the route map in the cycle guide.