Take the road with the app

Let the LF app guide you during your bike ride. Free and handy for on the road. It includes details of the LF Kustroute. And also of the ‘Fietsers Welkom!’ establishments and accommodations. The app even tells you the ferry schedules.

For your convenience, the route has been divided into stages of up to 70 km. With the app you have everything you need all in one: the track, the map, the altitude profile and info on various facilities, such as ‘Fietsers Welkom!’ hotels, cafés and restaurants, Natural Campsites and ferries. The map function has a filter with which you can select and deselect facilities.   

screenshot app LF Kustroutescreenshot app LF Kustroutescreenshot app LF Kustroute Per stage you can also immediately see the photo locations for the certificate. Take a picture on those spots and apply for the certificate once you’ve completed the tour.

The LF app is interactive. Posting a review, passing on info about changes and obstacles along the route or making a suggestion: it’s all possible. Add that great address for an ice cream, for instance, those nice B&B people or that unforgettable viewpoint. 

Download it for free in the App Store or via Google Play

Note: from 1 July 2019 it will be illegal in Holland to hold or operate a mobile phone - or any other mobile electronic device - while riding a bike. Otherwise you'll risk a 95-euro fine because of a new law. Make sure you use a holder on your handle bars.